What is OLA?

OLA stands for “Open Lawyers Association”

“Open” means OLA is open to other ideas, other cultures, other countries, other legal systems, and other lawyers, other people.

But why?

Because each country in Europe has its own unique and different system of law, making law nation specific.

Today, as Europe grows more and more together, a mutual understanding of one another’s legal systems becomes increasingly important.

The Open Lawyers Association of Europe e.V. (OLA) in Berlin, Germany is a non-profit, non-denominational, non-partisan, cross-border registered association promoting the rule of law, and furthering the common interests of jurists and jurisprudence generally in Europe.

OLA membership is open to both jurists and non-jurists worldwide.

OLA’s primary goals include promoting, fostering and addressing those matters concerning the needs of both the education and the professional practice of European lawyers by building a communication network and communal platform for strengthening cross-border mutual understanding among and between the divers economic and cultural regions of Europe as regards individual national legal systems, as well as historical economic and cultural diversity.

For further information about OLA, or about becoming a member of OLA,

please see the contact details under the impressum.